Drainage strategy

The drainage strategy for the site has been designed to ensure that the rate of water flowing from the site into Fen Brook is managed, taking into account an allowance for future climate change and ensuring wherever possible a betterment on the current situation.

To achieve this, a number of drainage measures are proposed to manage and control water flows across the site and their discharge into Fen Brook. These measures include swales (specifically designed drainage ditches) and attenuation basins that hold water within the site and enable water to be released at a steady rate.

The drainage strategy has been developed in accordance with Planning Practice guidelines, with all the proposed residential development provided in areas that are identified by the Environment Agency as being in Flood Zone 1 i.e. have limited risk of flooding.

The strategy also accords with the ECC Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) Design Guide. The drainage basins will mimic the natural drainage on site and control water flow from the developed areas. They also provide good opportunities for ecology enhancements, such as wetland planting and habitats for wildlife.

The drainage strategy will also include additional capacity for a 40% allowance for climate change.

Countryside has significant experience of successfully implementing this type of drainage strategy at other local developments, such as St Luke’s Park in Runwell and Beaulieu in Chelmsford.

A drainage note has been prepared, which provides a more detailed overview of the drainage strategy for the site. This can be downloaded at our Resources page.

Proposed drainage strategy
Proposed drainage strategy
Example of a swale
Example of a swale
Example of a drainage basin on Beaulieu Heath, Chelmsford