Movement Strategy

Pedestrian and cycle desire routes

The pedestrian and cycle desire routes have been developed in consultation with CCC and are based on the Pedestrian and Cycle Strategy document (May 2019) prepared by the promoters consultant, Mayer Brown.

A key element within the Pedestrian and Cycle strategy has been the identification of crossing points across major roads, particularly Burnham Road. These are vital for linking and integrating the proposed development with the existing town.

The masterplan shows the proposed location of the crossings across the Burnham Road, as well as the key pedestrian / cycle desire routes within the site.

Creating links to footpaths beyond the site is also a key consideration. 

The Pedestrian and Cycle Strategy also identified a number of proposed improvements to the existing pedestrian / cycle corridors within South Woodham Ferrers.

Pedestrian and cycle links

The integration of the site with the existing town is of key importance and to aid this integration, the Masterplan provides safe crossing points on the Burnham Road to encourage walking and cycling, along with the reduction of the speed limit on Burnham Road to 40mph to prioritise pedestrians.

There are six proposed crossing points identified on the plan above and described below as follows:

Crossing 1 – Existing Burnham Road / Ferrers Road / Willow Grove Roundabout 

There is an opportunity to provide a signal controlled pedestrian crossing at the Burnham Road /Ferrers Road / Willow Grove roundabout with footpaths on both sides of the Burnham Road. This has already received consent through the KFC planning application.

Crossing 2 – Existing Burnham Road / B1418 / Old Wickford Road Roundabout 

Junction improvements at the Burnham Road / B1418 junction will allow for a crossing to be provided on Burnham Road and the B1418, forming part of a cycle route towards the railway station and commercial areas.

Crossing 3 – Existing Burnham Road / Hullbridge Road Roundabout 

The Masterplan can provide for an extended footpath either side of the roundabout recently provided as part of the Sainsbury’s development, providing a signalised crossing on Burnham Road and Zebra Crossing on Hullbridge Road. This has already received consent through the Sainsbury’s and health centre planning application.

Crossing 4 – Existing Bridleway no.46 crossing point 

A crossing is proposed here to allow for pedestrian and cycle connections linking to the town centre and railway station, along with a new footway / cycleway along the Burnham Road.

Crossing 5 – New ‘left in left out’ junction on Burnham Road North of Hamberts Road 

An uncontrolled crossing over the Burnham Road will be provided here, aligning with the route of the former South Woodham Ferrers to Maldon railway.

Crossing 6 – Existing Burnham Road / Woodham Road / Ferrers Road / Hamberts Road Roundabout 

An enlarged roundabout junction is proposed here to allow for access to the proposed mixed use area. The enlargement of the roundabout will also include the enlargement of the existing island crossing on Hamberts Road and a new island crossing on the Burnham Road and Ferrers Road arm, along with an extended footpath along Ferrers Road.


The proposed Bus Service Strategy involves the following:

  • Increase of the frequency of the 36 bus service which connects South Woodham Ferrers with Chelmsford to every 20 minutes 
  • Operating a new loop service to divert the 36 bus service through the proposed development, whilst ensuring that existing stops are retained
  • To cater for peak period trips, enhancing the 36X service to provide a limited stop service to Chelmsford in the peak period
  • Extension of the Town Centre Fare Zone to include the proposed development 
  • An initial Town Centre Marketing Strategy to promote the service upgrade

Vehicular access

Access to the site will be via two new roundabouts; one on the Burnham Road and one on the B1418. A third access will be provided off Burnham Road to serve the east part of the site and will be a ‘left in left out’ junction. A main spine road will run through the site, linking the new roundabout accesses on Burnham Road and the B1418.

Wider junction improvements

Improvements to the Rettendon Turnpike may be necessary as part of the proposals to help mitigate any impact at this key junction. This will be addressed through future planning applications for the site.

Enlargement of the B1418 / Burnham Road roundabout is also being considered to increase its capacity. Improvements to the Burnham Road / Ferrers Road junction and elsewhere on the local road network are also under consideration. 

Any improvements would be addressed through future planning applications for the site.